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Our business had been growing strong for several years, but we had yet to gain a single client through any type of online search or marketing. I knew we had a great message but it wasn’t being communicated properly. That’s when I found Rocketbike. I’m a small business owner with a myriad of tasks on my plate at any given time, and the team at Rocketbike pitched a design process and philosophy that would have our message ring loud and clear with limited necessity for my time. Two weeks after the launch of our new website we received two inquiries from new clients via the website, and we closed both new deals. I can’t recommend Rocketbike’s services enough, and could I go back I would have used them years ago.
RocketBike embodied the FEEL of our region perfectly with amazing imagery, clean and clear messaging, and professionalism. RocketBike has guided us through the most up-to-date way to market our brand. And after only 1 year of marketing, we are seeing successful results in increasing our tourism.
While a small firm, they are nimble and always respond quickly with timelines and deliverables. What we appreciate most is their ability to deliver on what we want and to suggest opportunities that we have not considered.
I literally have never worked with a more fun, vibrant, and talented agency. RocketBike brings a lot more to the table than their high quality creative work and technical prowess... they know how to make business personal in the right ways. If there were a sixth star, I'd be clicking it. Thank you, RocketBike!
Rocketbike is one of the best agencies in the area. Their capabilities outperform any agency I have worked with and we have FUN working together. They listen to your needs and execute flawlessly. The whole Rocketbike team ROCKS!
Awesome team of progressive individuals who know what they're doing and will get you up and running in the blink of an eye.



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